‘Classic Cher’ offers no surprises in return to costume vault

‘Classic Cher’ offers no surprises in return to costume vault


They call this one “Classic Cher” because why? “Hauled Out of the Storage Warehouse” isn’t quite punchy enough for a billboard?

It would be fitting, though, for anyone who saw the pop icon’s Caesars Palace show from 2008 to 2011 and really missed that motorized gondola.

Weekend in Vegas: Cher vs. Diana Ross

Weekend in Vegas: Cher vs. Diana Ross


FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Two of the world’s biggest music divas performed in Las Vegas during their extended residencies that started last week. Both Cher and Diana Ross brought their time-honored hits to the Strip at different resorts.

Cher returned to Las Vegas to launched her extended engagement of Classic Cher with her biggest hits over the past 50 years at the new Park Theater at Monte Carlo. Over her career, Cher won an Academy Award, Grammys and Emmys, bringing all over her talents to the stage along with 11 extravagant, eye-popping costumes designed by the legendary Bob Mackie.

Classic Cher: Diva Las Vegas!

Classic Cher: Diva Las Vegas!


Do you believe in life after Cher? “This is our last goodbye, it’s true,” she sang in “Strong Enough,” the second number in her thundering glitterstorm of a new show, Classic Cher, which opened last week to a giddy Las Vegas crowd of 5,000 in the Park Theater at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino.

But who knows what to believe when it comes to comebacks by our dear, dithering diva. After all, it’s been a dozen years since Cher announced her official Farewell Tour.

Cher is set to dazzle again in Bob Mackie gowns, costumes at Park Theater

Cher is set to dazzle again in Bob Mackie gowns, costumes at Park Theater


February 5, 2017, 2:01 am

Fans of award-winning singer and actress Cher aren’t going to be disappointed at the glitz and glamour that she’ll serve up in her new Las Vegas residency starting Wednesday night at the new Park Theater at Monte Carlo.

Cher will dazzle in 12 extravagant costumes for her new show “Classic Cher.” Legendary designer Bob Mackie will fly in Monday for final tweaks ahead of the midweek premiere. Cher also is putting final touches on the production in around-the-clock rehearsals.

Why Marilyn Monroe's 'Happy Birthday, Mr President' dress fetched a record £3.8 million at auction

Why Marilyn Monroe's 'Happy Birthday, Mr President' dress fetched a record £3.8 million at auction

By Bethan Holt, Digital Fashion Editor

18 November 2016 • 5:33am

The famous dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang "happy birthday Mr President" to John F. Kennedy has sold for a world-record price at auction, fetching $4.8 million (£3.87 million).

One of the defining dresses of 20th century fashion, the sheer tulle design, scattered with tiny, glimmering crystals, was worn by Monroe on 19th May 1962 as she performed for President Kennedy ahead of his 40th birthday.

It was an instant sensation and paved the way for 'naked' dresses, which still spark a furore when worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé today. 

Bob Mackie's Archives Unveiled: Iconic Designer Gives Billboard a Peek Behind the Curtains

Bob Mackie's Archives Unveiled: Iconic Designer Gives Billboard a Peek Behind the Curtains

The fashion icon has new outfits for Cher that will debut in 2017.

There is a shrine in the entrance of Bob Mackie’s West Hollywood home where a cluster of dolls from around the world huddles. It is difficult to imagine how plain they must have looked when Mackie first discovered them: the one from a church altar now dons an earthy tribal headdress shaped like a Mohawk; a miniature wooden mannequin from the 1800s, with its layers of coral and turquoise, looks more like Shakti ready to walk through fire than a Little House On The Prairie character. “They are just tchotchke people,” Mackie shrugs. “Things I’ve had forever, things that are new.” But as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, the man who has drenched chanteuses like Tina Turner and Cher in elaborately beaded costumes, it’s hard to not experience the display as a microcosmic metaphor. Transforming women into goddesses has become second nature for the designer.

WWD Bob Mackie to Receive Chicago History Museum Award

Written by Kristin Larson 

CHICAGO – Bob Mackie said he's "surprised and delighted" to receive the Costume Council of the Chicago History Museum's Designer of Excellence Award. 

"It's very amazing. Chicago is one of those places where when I was in the business of selling evening gowns, they were hugely receptive. Lots of hospitality," Mackie said in a telephone interview while en route to the museum. 

Mackie, who has dressed everyone from Judy Garland and Carol Bernett to Diana Ross, Cher and Rihanna, was quite modest about his longstanding career and being recognized by the museum.

"It's nice that people know you're still alive. I go to work everyday and I do my job. I don't think about it," said the designer, 77, who will accept the award Tuesday evening at a museum reception that will also feature a conversation with Hal Rubenstein.

"I was really surprised and delighted that they cared," Mackie said. "I love coming back to Chicago. It's a lot of fun. The city looks entirely different."

Fresh out of college, the young Mackie's first job was at Paramount Studios in L.A., where he worked as a sketch artist with designers Jean Louis and Edith Head. He then worked on "The Judy Garland Show," "The Carol Burnett Show" and "The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour."

"I was planning to come to New York and hit Broadway by storm. Instead I got a job in L.A. at Paramount Studios. There was an opening and I was at the top of the list. So I got the job," Mackie recalled. 

Coinciding with the museum award, Saks Fifth Avenue is featuring a selection of couture Bob Mackie designs, located in the foyer of the Fifth Avenue Club at the Saks on Michigan Avenue. The designer is also celebrating the 25th anniversary of his fragrance "Mackie" and has released a limited-edition bottle, $100, to celebrate the milestone. Purchase here.

PARIS VOGUE: November 2015

Bob Mackie: Couturier to the Stars

There are just 22 kilometers between Hollywood and Monterey Park, the town where he was born in 1940, and where he began his sequin fantasies by watching as many films as he could. “I didn’t become a costume designer because I dreamed of fashion and haute couture” he explained on the phone. “I always wanted to get into the entertainment industry, it totally fascinated me; I wanted to be in show business!” He enrolled in a design school, learnt to sew on a sewing machine that his grandmother gave him, created costumes for small, local theatre groups, and utilized his greatest skill, drawing, to building a portfolio that he would take around the whole of Los Angeles. It soon became a convincing calling card.

See them here

VANITY FAIR - June 2014

Across America, the nation’s gay uncles are rejoicing. They are streaming out of their condos and onto the streets of South Beach and Palm Springs, so happy are they with this most wondrous news. Cher and Bob Mackie have reunited. It’s true. Though Cher embarked on her latest farewell tour sadly Mackie-less—he was just too busy to make costumes for her—she recently tweeted something saying that she and Mackie were teaming up for the second leg of her tour. So how about that. I mean, it wouldn’t be a Cher tour without Bob Mackie costumes, would it? I feel kinda bad for the people who saw her on the first half of her tour, when she was not back working with her trusty collaborator. I guess they’ll have to go see her again. And you know what? They will. They most definitely will. People who are shelling out for Cher tickets at this point, nearly 16 years after “Believe,” are lifelong, diehard fans. So they will go again to see the Bob Mackie garments. They will put extra food in the cat’s bowl, they will change their answering-machine message (they still have answering machines!) to something sassy, and they will drive off into that desert night, into that Florida afternoon, and they will go see their hero, their queen. That is what America’s gay uncles will do, now that Cher has come to town clad in all the regalia she’s meant to wear.

PEOPLE.COM January 2016

PEOPLE.COM January 2016

Carol Burnett, SAG Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Talks Career, Costumes and Her Gown Designed by Longtime Friend Bob Mackie

Originally posted 01/29/2016 04:40PM

At this Saturday's Screen Actors Guild Awards, the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award won't be just a movie star: She's a performer who's brought her presence to TV, to movies and to the stage. It's Carol Burnett, who is perhaps most famous for starring on 11 seasons (and nearly 300 episodes) of The Carol Burnett Show.